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Easy To Follow Garden Tips For Beginners

Do you know that gardening can be a great hobby especially if you have a big lawn at home? Yes, the good thing about it is that you will be able to go outside your home, smell the air, be in touch with nature, plus you are going to burn calories at the same time. Not only that, you will be able to get rewarded by having beautiful and blooming plants or delicious and nutritious produce at your disposal. Does it sound more enticing? If it is, then read on.

Here are few tips that beginners can follow through when it comes to gardening:

  1. Start small.

Instead of trying to get overwhelmed thinking as to where are you going to start planting, start with having container garden first? You can place it anywhere you want. The best part of it is that you can know for yourself the soil is fertile. Also, you can easily prevent the weeds from growing. What are you doing is basically, starting a habit of gardening. So, place the container garden near your window or at the back door. When you get used to it, then go ahead have a bigger garden.

  1. Compost and drainage.

As a gardener, you need to have a compost. Yes, you can start composting by simply saving coffee grinds, apple cores, and food waste. Instead of throwing them into the trash, you can make use of them and convert to a compost good for your plants, for your garden.

About drainage, be sure your container garden has a hole right at the bottom. Then, layer it off with the use of rocks.

  1. Where to put your plants.

The thing with plants is that they do come in different categories. Some do need lots of sun, while some are what we call as shade plants. You need to make sure you do read the description with regard to the plants you are buying for your garden. It is pointless to have plants that need to have sun, and you just put them where they don’t get enough sun at all. It is highly advisable to put your container garden on a trolley. You can easily move it around when you think the plants do not get enough sunlight or need shade.

  1. Plants for beginners.

It is highly advisable to get plants that are perfect for a beginner like you. This will enable you to grow your plants easily and do not need lots of care and maintenance. You can go ahead and grow to produce like basil, peppers, tomatoes, or onions. Or you can go for flowers such as roses, sunflowers, clematis, or petunia. In this way, you will be able to see the reward of your gardening skill at a beginner’s skill.

  1. Water your plants.

Yes, it is a given fact that plants do need to be watered. One thing you need to remember, do avoid wetting the leaves. Why is this so? There is a tendency that it can lead the plants to rot, mold or even be sick. Do keep your eye on those yellow leaves. This means that you have been watering the plants too much.

There you have it five easy to follow gardening tips for beginners. Do settle with starting small and grow from there. When you get into the habit of gardening, it would be much easier for you to proceed and start gardening big. Of course, it would be another challenge for you, but for sure the path will be less hassle compared to starting big when you are a beginner.

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