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Gardens Victoria

Gardens Victoria - The gardening resource project.

This website has been designed for garden lovers planning to visit the City of Gardens, those envious gardeners considering moving to gardening heaven, newly arrived gardeners, general members of the gardening public and those that simply enjoy the beauty of gardens.

As the Pacific Northwest garden writer Ann Lovejoy has written: Welcome to paradise..Our mild winters and prolonged springs, gentle summers and lingering autumns make gardening especially rewarding.

We have gardens that feature vibrant fall colors, lush mid-Winter greenery, fragrant late winter and early spring blossoms followed by exuberant summer beds.

Gardening is a year round passion shared by enthusiasts who have moved to the Northwest from across Canada and around the world. This has resulted in a beautiful array of world-renowned gardens we would like to share with you Our gardens range from Victorian Rose gardens to Mediterranean drought-tolerant gravel gardens to lush Pacific Northwest woodland gardens and trend setting mixed borders.

Some of the exciting material you will find on this site:
Garden Descriptions
In this section you will find pictures and descriptions of some of Victoria's finest public, private, and community gardens.
Garden Design & Trends
Garden deseign and garden trends including new plant introductions from a local, national & international perspective
Gardening Resources
Here you will find background information & current gardening resources, including upcoming events and specialized garden tours.